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    UGLY AUR PAGLI Is A Hindi Full Movie Starring Mallika Sherawat & Ranvir Shorey
    One of the popular comedy Hindi Movies & best Hindi Movies 2017 Full Movies

    Movie Story: Kabir (Ranvir Shorey) is an engineering student who has been studying engineering for the last ten years
    He is a carefree guy, which involves partying with friends and not caring about his responsibilities And one cold winter night on way back to home at VT station in Mumbai he meets a drunk Kuhu (Mallika Sherawat)
    Kabir thinks that his lifelong dream of having a girlfriend has come true, but for Kuhu, he’s just a loser she wants to take for a ride
    She makes him dance around in circles, run semi naked, ride cycles without seats, wear high heeled ladies shoes and so on
    Kuhu, who is coping with a personal crisis, feels that the only way she can overcome it is to put someone else through misery
    Kabir becomes the guinea pig and has to cope with the insane demands and tantrums of Kuhu
    Initially wary of Kuhu, Kabir slowly eases up to her and understands her feelings
    The story takes a turn when Kabir discovers the true meaning of Kuhu’s actions, and their implications follow

    Directed By: Sachin Khot
    Starring: Mallika Sherawat & Ranvir Shorey

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